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First organic market in La Quinta Golf and Country Club Marbella

On Saturday January 22nd between 10:00 am and 3 pm, it was hold the first organic market on the terrace near the paddle courts in La Quinta Golf and Country Club in Benahavis (Marbella).

In order to promote the consumption of fresh produce of the region and organic food in the market it were offered vegetables, oils, wines, citrus and natural cosmetics.

Organic products are high quality products with a higher nutrient content and flavor. They are healthier and safer because they do not have chemicals. They are more nutritious food with less water content, no additives and free of toxic hormones, genetic manipulation and pesticides. Organic production avoids indiscriminate depletion and contamination of land by the use of pesticides, fertilizers and monocultures.

The exhibition provides an opportunity to learn how to prepare the dishes and what wines to accompany them, thanks to the collaboration of the Hotel School of Benahavis and expert cooks preparing on-site original and practical gourmet recipes prepared from fresh seasonal produce. Furthermore, visitors can sample different dishes.


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