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Earth Hour

On March 29th WWF organizes once again "The Hour of the Planet". As we have been doing for the past years, La Quinta joins this global campaign to fight climate change and its effects, turning off the lights for one hour from 20.30h to 21.30h.

At La Quinta, we are very conscious about the importance of protecting and ensuring the environment, and energy saving is a very valuable aspect. This line is one of our goals within our corporate responsibility strategy, we have not only changed the lighting system with more efficient lamps in the Hotel and in the Club House, but our sustainability plan covers other facilities:

Canalized Propane Gas

35Kg bottles of propane have been replaced with canalized Propane Gas at the Golf Club changing rooms, Club Restaurant and Hotel La Quinta. With this change, we have greater control as gas consumption is connected to a meter, and CO2 emissions are reduced not requiring any bottle transportation.

Biomass in the Hotel and Spa

The heating system has been replaced with a Biomass Boiler. By using this new boiler we foresee to reduce the CO2 emmission per year in appoximately 200Tn.

Automated climate and lighting control in the office

It has been implemented an automatic on and off system in relation with the intrusion system.

When the office is vacated the HVAC system is switched off and only the necessary systems are in place, avoiding even the consumption of stand-by equipment that are not in use.

Braking recharging system for buggies

La Quinta has a long commitment on performance and energy efficiency.

Our EZGO Buggies fleet has an innovative full-time regenerative braking system.

La Quinta committed to the environment! Join us!

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