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Art gallery: Benezra Gallery

Dear residents in La Quinta,

We would like to welcome our new affiliate to La Quinta VIP Card: the art gallery Benezra Gallery, located in Avenue Tomás Pascual 6, Courtyard 4 & 5, at the resort La Quinta Golf.

BENEZRA GALLERY is an independent and international art gallery which specializes in contemporary accessible art and sculpture as well as fine art and impressionist sales. The BENEZRA Gallery also provide support for the emerging artist and designer to bring a creation to reality.

Attached is their introduction letter and we encourage you to visit the gallery and enjoy the beauty of their artworks.

BENEZRA GALLERY has a reputation for introducing exciting contemporary paintings and sculpture from international artists as well as a fine selection of Limited Edition well priced exclusive prints.

If you still haven’t renewed your VIP cards, first pass by our office, number 6 in the same villa.

Best regards,

La Quinta

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