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Naturhouse Health & Spa Center

Dear residents in La Quinta,

We would like to welcome our new affiliate to La Quinta VIP Card: Healthhouse Las Dunas, Health & Spa center located in Estepona where your well-being is a priority.

At Naturhouse Health & Spa Center we provide the latest in exclusive treatments designed to enhance your sense of well-being – leaving you feeling renewed and refreshed. We are the area’s premier Naturhouse Medical Spa designed to make you look and feel more beautiful and – more important: Healthy & Happy!

Attached is their introduction letter and we encourage you to visit their facilities including salt cave, gourmet restaurant, hotel with 55 luxury suites and heated outdoor pool.

If you still haven’t renewed your VIP cards, first pass by our office, number 6 at 6 Tomas Pascual Avenue.

Best regards,

La Quinta

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