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Our physio partner advise on knee arthrosis

Arthrosis is a progressive damage, in later stadium also degradation of the articular cartilage. For example by knee arthrosis the cartialage in the knee gets rough and cracked. The cartilage tissue loses its elasticity. The ability of the knee joint to produce cartilaginous articular fluid (synovial fluid), decreases as the disease progresses. The cartilage layer between the bones of the knee joint will get more narrow and brittle. In the last stage, the knee joint coses a lot of pain. The bones that have lost their articular cartilage in severe arthrosis rub painfully the other bone (bones rub the bones), the knee joint will get inflamed and stiffened. The painless load capacity of the knees in everyday life is lost in advanced arthrosis. The arthrosis in the knee is a self-reinforcing disease process. The longer patient with knee pain waits with diagnosis and treatment, the less possible treamtents are there. The cartilage tissue cannot be regenerated by the body or if so, the process is very slow.

If you suffer from arthrosis, we start our treatment in the preventive area. That means that the arthrosis is already there and it should be slowed down before it gets worse. The pain relief and inflammation is initially in the foreground. The most important conservative measures include:

• Weight loss: each kilo too much increases the joint closure,

• Coordination training,

• Physiotherapy with knee exculpatory and anti-inflammatory techniques,

• Muscle stabilization to protect the joint,

• Ergonomic movement, for example: cycling, swimming or walking,

• Cytotoxins, for example: alcohol and nicotine harm the articular cartilage,

• Balancing movements recieved by the joints in everyday life (for ex. cycling greases

the joints)

• Right diet: a lot of vegetables, anti-inflammatory spices, for example turmeric or

chilli, less red meat.

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