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La Quinta joins once more the 'Earth Hour' initiative, within our commitment to climate change, turning off the lights of all our workplaces for an hour from 20.30 to 21.30 on Saturday 26 March.

We are aware of the importance of caring for and protecting the environment, and energy saving is a vital aspect. We have been working along this line within our corporate responsibility strategy

Sustainable Office:

We have an office with high levels of thermal insulation, divided into different departments that are managed in a sectorized manner by very efficient last generation heat pumps, allowing greater savings and lower energy consumption. Also, from the very beginning, all the lighting elements have LED devices.

Electric Vehicles:

In order to strengthen our sustainable mobility strategy, we have a fleet of 100% electric vehicles (Peugeot Partner, Nissan LEAF, motorbike Italia 2000) and plug-in hybrid vehicles (BMW X5,  Mercedes-Benz GLC 350e) which allow us to substantially reduce our carbon footprint in our work displacements.

BREEAM® Sustainability Certification

For our next real estate development "Real de La Quinta", we have proceeded to gain the sustainability certification BREEAM, being the first infrastructure planning project certified with the Bream seal in Spain. The rating for this assessment has been VERY GOOD.

The Lake Club is being designed under the BREEAM certification with the objective of *** VERY GOOD, and is also working from the beginning of the design to achieve the ZERO ENERGY certification of the building, which implies achieving the maximum energy efficiency of the building and producing through local renewables the energy required for the building to be totally passive in energy consumption.

Olivos, our first real estate project, already built and delivered, has received the final BREEAM certification with a VERY GOOD rating.

Quercus, which is the second real estate project currently under construction, has received provisional certification from BREEAM with a rating of VERY GOOD.

Breeam certification helps to improve the level of building sustainability in Spain by promoting the best practices and technologies available on the market.

BREEAM® (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Methodology) is the world's most technically advanced and world-leading building sustainability assessment and certification method with +20 years on the market and +541,000 certified buildings in 77 countries since its inception in 1990.


We are carrying out a pilot project in block 10 of Quercus, to certify under the PASSIVHAUS standard.

Passivhaus is a type of building designed to save up to 75% of heating and cooling needs. The little additional energy they require can be easily covered from renewable energies, becoming a construction with a very low energy cost for the owner and the planet.

This standard does not imply the use of a specific type of product, material or architectural style, but the optimization of existing resources through passive techniques.

(More information in English about Passivhaus:

Committed to the Environment

As part of Pascual Corporation, La Quinta Real Estate Group is fully committed to sustainable growth and remain fully responsible for the environment where we operate. In this regard, we work to progress in the following commitments:

  • Reduction of energy consumption
  • Responsible consumption of water
  • Reducing emissions of greenhouse gases
  • Mobility
  • Waste minimization
  • Promotion of biodiversity

Responsible Management

Our commitment to quality requires a responsible management policy that covers the entire value chain, in order to respond to the expectations of all stakeholders. You can find more information on our page Vision, Mission, Values and Responsible Management

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