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Dear residents in La Quinta,

One more year we have managed to maintain and attract a new alliance, to offer you more advantages for being members of our La Quinta Real Estate Group VIP Card, a privilege only for owners of a Property in La Quinta and Tenants that rent exclusively through our rental’s office.

Where can you renew your card for the year 2023 or get it for the first time? At our office in Avenida Tomás Pascual 6, office 6. If you have not visited our office yet, it will be a pleasure to show you around and share a coffee.

Please find information about the agreements reached with prestigious companies in the area, to offer exceptional conditions to our customers through La Quinta Real Estate VIP Card.

As novelties for 2023, we have obtained discounts at the ILUMINACIONES ARANDA - Inspired by light, contemporary art and minimalism – and the DOMOSAT, Design and supply of gyms, cinemas and golf simulators

We enclose a list with the news, discounts and contact information so that you can keep all the information in only one file. Even so, we will send you specific offers throughout the year.

It is important that you make use of your VIP card, so that we can continue offering these advantages and our collaborators continue to be interested in associating with our VIP Card La Quinta Real Estate Group.

We take this opportunity to invite you to visit us at our offices and we will be delighted to give you information about services we provide such as Key Holding, Rentals, Cleanings, etc.

Thanking you for your interest and hoping you will make use of your VIP Card.

Kindest regards,

La Quinta

I accept to receive commercial information and notifications from LA QUINTA Business Group, and from those companies belonging to CORPORACIÓN EMPRESARIAL PASCUAL. (Pascual Business Corporation)