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How to enjoy your terrace all year round

Marbella has an ideal climate to enjoy our terrace 365 days a year. Thanks to its countless sunny days, its good temperature, the infinite blue sky and the vegetation that surrounds us, our terrace can become a place to enjoy countless good moments.

Below you will find some tricks that require minimal maintenance and at the same time allow you to get the most out of this special space in your home.

Choose furniture that is resistant to cold and heat

The trick is to choose specific outdoor furniture made from materials that support both the sun and the heat of summer, as well as the rain and moisture of the winter months, such as steel, aluminium, tropical wood, teak or Synthetic rattan; these materials hardly require maintenance and perfectly support changes in temperature.

If you want to remodel the furniture of your terrace, just tell us. From Customer Service we will put at your disposal different decoration options, so you will only have to worry about making a choice. Drop us an email.

• Canvas and specific fabrics

The best materials for outdoor furniture, especially in cushions and mats, are fabrics specifically made to resist the weather. The most resistant are synthetic fabrics, made with polyester, polypropylene or nylon. In addition, if it comes to printed fabrics, it is important they have gone through a special printing process with binder additives, which will prevent the colours from fading due to the sun and the rain.

• Plant your favourite flowers

Going out on the terrace and seeing yourself surrounded by your favorite colors and plants is the best medicine for a stressful day. Pansies in winter, petunias or geraniums in summer, even tulips, why not. Begonias, busy Lizzies and geraniums bloom all year round. The flowers are beauty and bring much joy to our life.

Install a programmable automatic irrigation system to adjust the irrigation at every moment of the year so that you don’t need to worry about watering the plants, even if you go away for a while.

We can help you on choosing your new plants for your terrace. We also install made to measure irrigation systems, so you don´t need to worry about your plants while you´re away. They will look gorgeous all year round. Ask for more information.

• Enjoy the sun and the shade

Install an awning or cover your pergola so that there is a quiet shaded area for those moments of relaxation. Set up a dining table for lunch with friends, away from the sun. And leave a corner where you can lie down in summer in a hammock or an armchair, while you read and observe your plants.

We are experts in stalling awnings and pergolas. Ask for a quote and in a few days your terrace will look as brand new!

• Do not forget the night time lighting

Terraces are not only prepared to live and enjoy during day time, also at night. We must provide a lighting system according to your style and needs without forgetting the decorative component of lamps and garlands. Choose warm lights to keep out of the night atmosphere. Candles bring warmth, creating a very pleasant atmosphere. Foot lamps, lanterns, candle holders or candlesticks ... Any choice is good. The most important thing is to place them in groups to create lighting points depending on the different zones. And do not forget to put some citronella to drive away the mosquitoes during the summer months!

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